Horizon Online, Angels

Horizon Online, Angels guild


Hello players !

We present you the Horizon Online private server of Fiesta Online, existing since 2012 no pay2win at all

New version released in 2020 with new raids, PVP,
If you want to join a new community very friendly and you love to play in a group like a pack, we invite you to join the Angels.

Who joined the server for 2 months and who never stop to please by playing as a wolf pack.

For every member of the Angels, you will automatically receive discounts on the R-Discount.com marketplace and gifts for every order

Of course, you will need a real active account playing with the guild. Get ready for the pvp that will awaken many old players.

Don’t hesitate to join the Angels academy or ask for AngelOfRaven, Snowheals, Siana,



here is the Discord to download the game: https://discord.com/channels/562048384983236627/562049582658355222/698564958031446097

The discord to join the Angels: https://discord.gg/5VWpSJDb

We wish you good games, do not hesitate to invite your friends.
Anyone of 18+ mature will be able to be Admin to help the community.


Cap: 120 | 10 NEW classes to play | New ideas & concepts: Power Level, Mount & Pet Collections & many more | Donator Items available in-game | Daily Quests | Massive Perm Content 79 | New instances & raids combined with old school features…


    1. presented to you by the staff members Admins :kitty_bounce_blue: :kitty_bounce_blue: :kitty_bounce_blue: :kitty_bounce_pink: :kitty_bounce_pink: Game Masters :kitty_bounce_pink: :kitty_bounce_blue:
    1. :galaxy_star: ───────✱.。:。✱.:。Server information.。✰✧.。:✱───────:galaxy_star: – 2016 Files – Hard Cap 120 / Soft Cap 100/110 – EXP rate: Medium – Donator items available in-game through daily quests (donations are not necessary to progress or to be the best in-game) – Anti-lag mode available in the launcher – A combination of old school Fiesta with new and updated stuff! :galaxy_star: ────────✱.。:。✱.:。Playable classes.。✰✧.。:✱────────:galaxy_star: – Re-worked original classes with new active and passive skills – 10 exclusive new classes with different playstyles: ★ Berserker ★ Slayer ★ Hunter ★ Trapper ★ Occultist ★ Summoner ★ Warden ★ BloodKnight ★ Rogue ★ SoulMaster – constantly working on improving class balancing :galaxy_star: ─────────✱.。:。✱.:。Productions.。✰✧.。:✱─────────:galaxy_star: – Tinkerer: Create Mounts, Pets, Mini Houses & Weapon licences – Armorer: Create materials needed for combining powerful gear – Alchemist: Create HP/Mana potions and enhancement stones – Engineer: Up- & downgrade materials needed for other productions :galaxy_star: ─────────✱.。:。✱.:。Leveling.。✰✧.。:✱───────────:galaxy_star: – Medium-speed – Old-school questing and/or grinding – Solo/Duo/Party Kingdom Quests – Redesign of original leveling maps :galaxy_star: ───────✱.。:。✱.:。Instances & Raids.。✰✧.。:✱────────:galaxy_star: – Solo/Party/Guild/Expedition instances for higher-level & perms (level 79) – Re-written original instances like Tower of Iyzel, Leviathan’s Nest & Secret Laboratory – Exclusive instances like Mysterious Rifts, Dragon’s Attack, Deep Jungle Temple and many more (more than 20 available) – High difficulty custom raids (Archaic raids)
    1. :galaxy_star: ─────────✱.。:。✱.:。More details.。✰✧.。:✱─────────:galaxy_star: – Tons of daily and normal quests to gain Horizon Tokens or other powerful items – Horizon Tokens can be exchanged for Donator Items in Elderine – Weapon & badge sockets: countless combinations of sockets possible – Re-worked set effect gear & jewels: endless combinations of set effects possible – Mount-merging & 5-people-mounts – Rebirth your character to become stronger – Increase your character’s power level to access stronger instances & raids – More than 500 exclusive cards with worthy rewards – Use friend points to earn items – Lots of custom clothing & accessories at the NPCs :galaxy_star: ─────────✱.。:。✱.:。QoL changes.。✰✧.。:✱─────────:galaxy_star: – When deleting a socket from your weapon or badge, it won’t be destroyed but sent to your reward inventory instead – Ingame commands (for example: &town, &power, &itempower, …) – Loot previews in front of every instance and raid – Itemlinking via chat & item comparing – Instant card openings – Auto-skill learning & automatic update into your skill bar – Increased auto pickup range – Dice system for gambling about a drop – Dance NPC buff in every big city – The updated world map with warping points – Useful item descriptions
Horizon Online, Angels guild
Horizon Online, Angels guild
Horizon Online, Angels guild
Horizon Online, Angels guild

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