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Ideal for the angel of death APPOLYON (abaddôn) the greatest enemy of the Fallen angel of crows Ranieri (rannhari)

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Complies with French and European standards.

Ideal for the angel of death APPOLYON (abaddôn) the greatest enemy of the Fallen angel of crows Ranieri (rannhari)

Abaddon’s name means “destruction”, “destroyer” or even “perdition” or “ruin”. In Revelation, Abaddon appears as the Exterminating Angel , the Angel of Death , the Ruler of the Bottomless Pit. It is said that when the fifth angel sounds the trumpet, a star named Absinthe will fall from the sky and that the day that this will happen will be the beginning of the end of the world . The star will cause the opening of the well of the abyss and he will raise a smoke which will escape swarms of beings hybrid and monstrous faces locusts men ,, with lion’s teeth, iron armor, equipped with wings producing an infernal noise and whose tail similar to that of scorpions will be armed with a sting with which these terrible beings will have the power to strike men for five months. The harm caused by their stings will be similar to that caused by the venom of scorpions. At their head, as king, they will have the Angel of the Abyss, the one that in Hebrew is called Abaddôn and that in Greek we know as Apollyôn, the name of the famous solar deity Apollo , demonized by Judeo-Christianity.

Note, however, that the Greek Apollo is in no way demonic, even if his personality includes a number of terrible traits.



Eau de parfum / eau de toilette  : what’s the difference?
The name eau de toilette or eau de parfum depends on the concentration, that is to say the percentage of perfume or perfume oil in the composition. While the eau de toilette contains  5 to 9%  perfume, the eau de parfum is more concentrated and contains  8 to 14% . As a result, the eau de parfum lasts longer and has a more intense scent.

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Generic perfume for men of great quality.

  • 100 ml.
  • Very good hold.
  • To French and European standards.
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